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About Us

Captive North launched at the beginning of 2011 when company directors Tom, Sam, and Mike met at Vision+Media’s ‘Northern Lights’; a four-week multiplatform specialist training programme in TV, Radio, Gaming, and Digital Interactive working.

Since then Captive North has produced over 300 videos for more than 100 clients, and they have no intention of stopping there! With the regular launch of new and exciting projects, Captive North is growing rapidly with eager ambitions to deliver the highest quality and surpass all expectations.

“Captive North are an absolute pleasure to work with. They understand their clients’ needs and know how to turn the most basic brief into something incredible.”
– Phil Smith
Business & Communications Manager Greenbelt


Sam Final
Tom Marshall
Michael Whittaker

Sam Pratt

Production Manager

Tom Marshall

Creative Director

Michael Whittaker

Technical Manager

Sam ensures that each production runs smoothly, meets the deadline and stays within budget. To achieve this he works alongside all participants including clients, cast, and crew.

“The whole team is passionate about making videos and we dedicate ourselves to providing our clients with the result they want. It’s not just a business but an opportunity to make the most of each project and every working relationship.”

Tom is a national award winning short filmmaker who works closely with each client to develop ideas and communicate the desired vision for the project.

“Captive North combines creativity, technical skill, and good management. The three of us bring our own strength of experience and together we provide a complete service that is efficient, creative, and progressive.”

Mike utilises an extensive knowledge of filmmaking to provide the team with technical direction on every project. His attention to detail helps Captive North stay up to date with equipment specifications and provide stunning cinematography and editing results.

“Learning is an important part of any job and we have spent the time getting to grips with new technology, marketing methods, and telling a story or a message through the eye of the camera.”

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