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Captive Educate

Explore characters, composition, and camera angles as you invite Hollywood into the classroom. Select from our range of video packages, designed to teach young people all aspects of filmmaking. Whether it be on camera, sound, directing, acting or editing, it’s a perfect way of combining your film and narrative modules with a fun productive workshop that you can keep on DVD as an everlasting memento.

A truly captivating educational experience that encourages creative thinking and storytelling.

Packages Available:

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Try your hand at camera operating, sound recording, directing and presenting in our film makers introduction. The 2-3 hour workshop is perfect for a half day programme in the classroom.

‘MAKE A MOVIE’ (One Day)

Make a movie with our award winning film crew in a full action packed day of filmmaking. Activities include scripting and performing on camera. Story ideas can be adapted to fit module topics.

‘MOVIE WEEK’ (2-5 Days)

A week spent with our talented film crew can turn your idea into a Hollywood showstopper! You will get a chance to use the camera and sound equipment, direct the shoot and be on camera as an actor or presenter.

‘School Show’ (4hrs)

None stop coverage of your school event filmed on 2 HD cameras. Edited and delivered within 7 working days.

All Captive North crew are fully DBS checked. Captive North also offers educational discounts on school showcase events. For more information please see Captive Events or contact us at

“It’s always a delight to work with Captive North. They are very adaptable, creative and professional and willing to listen and take on new ideas. They also keep a calm relaxed set when filming, which is important when working with children.”
– Mark Hallett
Summer Film School Workshop Leader
“No matter how confident or shy our young people were, Captive North were great at including all of our young people in the production of our video.”
– Gavin Evans
Youth Inclusion Lead for East Manchester
“The time spent with Captive North was enjoyable, productive and rewarding. The guys were very patient and positive with the pupils, especially after the twentieth take of a scene. This pursuit of quality material for a quality end product made a valuable impact on the pupils and will transfer to their study in school.”
– Lewis Waterworth
Teacher of Design and Technology, St Ambrose